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Feeling great Casino land and confused where to start?

We will address your concerns in this page, you may face while playing online slot and online casino games with at 12slotsonline.

Terms and Conditions.


How to start right away?

You sure do that! Just visit the sign-up page to get going. Pressing the "JOIN NOW" buttons too shall achieve the purpose. Providing errorless info is vital, that is, in case you want to obtain your winnings promptly. You'll receive an e-mail from us stating your player ID Number the moment you're through with the registration process. Get going by clicking the "Login" link on the navigation bar. Nickname & password or Player ID & password, choose whatever combination you like. You're officially in the player's area.

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Can I play Slots and Casino?

Yes, if you are

  • 21 years or above, and
  • Agree to read & agree to all the rules.


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I am a beginner at Slots, some help please

  • Log in and you'll find a "SLOTS" option on the top menu. Click it to open Slots page.
  • From the "Slots" menu choose the type of slots you wish to play.
  • You can choose from Featured Slots, 1 Line Slots, 5 Line Slots and Progressive Jackpot Slots.
  • If you wish to play other casino games just click "CASINO" tab to open the casino page.
  • You can choose from Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Pull Tabs and Keno games.
  • We have Progressive Jackpots on Slots, Blackjack and Video Poker games.

IMPORTANT: Any more questions? Facing problems with the software? Please contact 24x7 Live Help or
email us on [email protected]


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I want to change my contact and other information details. What do I do, how?

Click the "Player Profile" option. This will open a screen with your account details. Alter your details by clicking the "modify account details" button.

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Can I change my alias name or a nickname?

Most certainly.

You can utilize 123slotonline's "YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR NICK NAME!" service. Since it is a manual process, hence, in order to help you, we would require you to get in touch with the support team. They'll take it on from there.

PLEASE NOTE: ONE (1) NICKNAME CHANGE per 30 day period on the last two days of the month only.

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How can I deposit money?

  • Just log into you're account
  • Select "Deposit" button.
  • Select the one you prefer, we've made available a variety of payment options.

NETeller is safe & swift. And guess what? All transfers to 123slotonline are free! Wish to choose this online payment solution? Simply login to 123slotonline & select the "Fund Account" option.

Still need more info? Visit and quell all you're doubts. US & Canadian players cannot avail this option. Instantly support your account with your Visa or MasterCard.

On the deposit page, fill in correct data vis-á-vis your correct credit card number & expiration date. Click credit after you've chosen the sum that you intend to buy. An authorization statement shall be sent to you on completion of the account funding process.

We advise you to contact our toll free number 1-855-270-5215, in case your credit card doesn't work. Local Money Wire branch is another fast way to finance your account. For more information on how to use Money Wire, get in touch with us Support.


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Is my account safe and secure? considers security as paramount. That's why we put every known mechanism in place to ensure safe as well as easy transactions. All transactions are done through SSL encryption and processed in US Dollars. Our servers log all transactions. A complete record of your transactions is just a click away.

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Is my credit card secure?

Safety remains a cardinal rule at In order to keep your money and information in secure custody, we have employed various utilities and techniques. Submitted on arduously encrypted pages, your details cannot be accessed by anyone. In case of stolen ID and Password or unusual changes to your account status please email us at [email protected] for further investigation.

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What about costs involved while playing different games?

Pretty much. We know variety is the spice of life, and that's what you'll get at 123slotonline, enjoy your Slots and Casino games the way you like it. Get set to plot the slots with 5 cent, 25cent or 50 cent, $1, $5 and $25. Just for our players: 22 distinct games offering one and five line payouts, and our featured slots! Do the VIDEO POKER with 5 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, $1 or $2. Get amused with All American, Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces & Jokers, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Joker, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Tens or Better. PULL (the) TABS with 25 cent, 50 cent $1. You can select from our 4 different games. Last, but not the least Play KENO with 5 cent, 25 cent or 50 cent.

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What are the different games 123slotonline provides?

At you'll find slots and casino games. Find more entertainment with our offerings of slots and video poker.

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What are the basic rules to play Video Poker?

An affiliation between conventional Poker and slot machines, Video Poker is played among you & the machine. The game begins with the machine handing out your first five cards. Here, you need to make a decision about which card to hold (keep) and which one to discard. Whichever side has the strongest hand possible shall win. So, the payout at completion of the game depends on the value of the hand you're holding.

Types of Poker Hands

  • Royal Flush: The highest hand in standard Poker, Royal Flush consists of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 that are of the similar suit.
  • Straight Flush: Belonging to the same suit, a Straight Flush is an amalgamation of five sequential cards.
  • Jacks or Better: is a hand that contains two face cards that are Jacks or higher.
  • Four of a Kind: Four of a Kind is a combination of four identical cards.
  • Full House: Make a combination of three cards of one denomination & two cards of another denomination, and you have a Full House.
  • Flush: A Flush is a run of five cards that are all the same suit.
  • Straight: A run of five cards in sequence makes a Straight. The cards in a Straight can belong to any suit.
  • Three of a Kind: A hand that contains three cards of the same denomination makes three of a Kind.
  • Two Pairs: Two sets of pairs and a fifth card form a hand called Two Pairs.
  • Payouts: A click on the payout table from your chosen Video Poker game will show you a payout table.
  • Betting: By clicking the coins seen in the tray will enable you to place a bet. Located at the bottom of the machine in the row of buttons is the up or down arrow. You can use this to raise or lower your bet respectively. Pressing "Max Bet" will make the machine automatically take the maximum bet.

Through with the bet? Click the "Deal" button. This will let the game deal out your first five cards. After you've chosen your cards, place a hold on them. By doing this you retain them while drawing out your next set of cards. How to place a hold on a card? Either click the card once, or click the "Hold" button located underneath the card. Putting a hold on a card will make the "Hold" button illuminate.
Trying to deselect a hold? Just click the card or the "Hold" button. The hold light will turn off, indicative of the fact that the hold is off. Abandon the remaining cards by pressing the Draw button. The cards you have not chosen/held will be taken away and substituted by fresh cards from the deck. Get the next set of cards by pressing the "Draw" button. After the victor is appointed, and appropriate payouts made, you can start afresh by pressing the "Deal" button again.

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Tell me the guidelines to play slots online.

Just the following: Three or more spinning reels with a variety of symbols along their circumference describe slots machines the best. To win a slots game you have to line up three or more of the most worthy symbols on these reels on pay lines. Do this and you shall be paid as per the "Pay Out Schedule" of the particular slot machine you are playing.

  • One Line Slots - As the name suggests, these slots have only one pay-line consisting of a horizontal row through the reels with a yellow line across it. Here, you win when one of the pay out combinations occurs across this line.
  • Five Line Slots - In five line slots, the slot machine exhibits three rows across the reels. In this game you have the possibility of winning across all three rows and across each diagonal, therefore giving you five pay lines.
  • Payout Schedule - The winnings earned on a slot machine depend on the symbols displayed on the pay-line in the center. View the payout table by clicking the reels of the slot game you have chosen to play. The figures here refer to the number of COINS that you might win. Consequently, the number of credits won will hinge on the coin size chosen.
  • Winning on our Slots - The amount you wish to deposit into the slot machine is equivalent to placing a bet. You can do this by clicking the up arrow. You can raise your bet by clicking on the up arrow as and when required. If you wish to raise your bet, keep clicking the up arrow. On the other hand, if you want to decrease the amount, click on the down arrow. The amount put on stake is not deducted from your account until you spin the wheel. So, even if you exit the game before hitting the Spin button, you don't lose any credits.

A game on the slot machine is started when the "Spin" button gets a hit. To begin a game, ensure that you have adequate credits to satisfy your current betting level. A hit on the "BET MAX" button spontaneously raises the number of coins bet to the maximum for this slot machine and spins the reels. Scanty credits will bar you from spinning.
Each reel spins distinctly, and comes to a halt in a sequence. You win in case the symbols line up beside a valid pay line. A line-up of authentic combination of symbols will be highlighted, and the pay out schedule will light up the winning combo.

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What are the dictates for playing online Keno?

You can place your bet after marking your numbers. Observe the numbers as they are drawn. You see a payoff, if adequate numbers are "Hit" and they match your choice. A 'Hit' will be shown on the board as a flashing yellow ball.

How to Play?
Select between two (2) and ten (10) 'numbers' by clicking the desired spots on the board. Your choice will simultaneously be highlighted. The "Quick Pick" buttons let you chose numbers in a speedy way by randomly marking them on the board.
Don't fancy the chosen numbers? No hassles. Just click the button again and a new set of random numbers will be highlighted. Located under the board, use the "Clear" button to clean up the number board once and begin again. In order to clear individual numbers, click the spot you desire to unselect.

  • As the numbers are being marked, the "Payout" section to the left of the game board will reflect the change in payout amounts. This keep you updated about the number of 'Hits' you must get in a single round to win the corresponding payout.
  • Situated below the number board, you can choose and change the credit value you wish to play with by clicking on the arrows. The right one lets you increase and the left arrow can be used for to decrease the value.
  • With regards to placing bets, there are three options given. Depending upon the number of games you want to play, press on "PLAY ONE", "PLAY THREE" or "PLAY FIVE" button. Selecting one of these will begin the blower and 20 numbers will be drawn randomly.

Game Speed Indicator
Video Keno comes with an added advantage. Here you can control the speed of the game, something that is unheard of in a live Keno game. Set your pace before or during the game by using the slider bar labeled as "GAME SPEED". Modifying the speed doesn't affect the result. One word of caution though, at highest game speed, the ball animation is turned off to maximize speed.
Located on the left of the number board, every payout is listed on the "PAYOUT CHART".
Listed on the bottom right hand side of the screen in the "RESULTS" section, you can view every outcome. This displays the number of "Hits" for each round. Rounds that have qualified for a payout will be highlighted.

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What rules are there for Pull Tabs?

For sure. Displayed on it, there are distinct winning combinations and prizes for every pull tab game. Simple & Easy! The number of pull tabs that you intend to keep open at one time can be determined by choosing to play 2X, 5X, or even 10X. In case you wish to play with a single pull tab at a time, you can either click the area to pull or click the pull all option on the pull tab.

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