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Responsible Gaming - Overview

A breakneck development in technology especially in the online gaming/gambling sector today has facilitated gaming options to people at new levels. High numbers of policy makers, researchers, social scientists, interested community members today are trying to demystify the problem gaming scenario than before.

Casinos games previously were restricted to merely events. There used to be only brick and mortar gambling avenues, sports café or halls etc. NOT any more today. The Internet has changed the game. Now you can access your favorite game virtually from anywhere, be it from home or at work or even if you are travelling. You can place stakes and can take home prizes and indulge to your heart’s content.

You can play online games from almost anywhere and anytime. ‘E-gaming’ options today provide you with an array of opportunities to explore and be a part of an assorted range of activities you can indulge in easily. You, play for fun or place a bet, in the online world, everything is possible, quickly and easily. It is like the popular TV game show ‘Millionaire’.

Responsible Gaming Is About Maintaining Control?

YES! If all our gamers start exercising control and having fun more whilst they play/gamble, life would be perfect. Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time. You should exercising control whenever you play or gamble. You will also play in moderation/limit for fun and leisure and should not consider gaming/gambling as a legitimate source of income.

To be called a Responsible Gamer, You should:-

  • Be over 21 years of age.
  • Play/gamble for fun primarily and vow not to borrow to play/gamble.
  • Understand that winning and loosing are two side of a same coin.
  • Not chase gaming/gamble losses or try to ‘win back’ losses.
  • Always keep a track of your time/money you decide to put into gaming/gambling.
  • Talk to our support hosts/ responsible and qualified executive if you are facing any concerns related to your account and gaming habit.
  • Set aside a part of cash, meant for entertainment and fun activity only and not for essentials like your rent, food or bills etc.


What Does Responsible Gambling Mean to you and us?

When consumers, gambling operators, mental health service providers, or anybody with some authority indulge in and decide to minimize a possible harm emanating from irresponsible gaming/gambling are contributing to ‘Responsible Gambling’ initiatives.

A responsible gambler will recognize and identify the type of problems ‘uncontrolled gambling’ can bring for them, for people related to them in community, personal, social and professional network.

Excessive gambling adversely impacts the society and the harms are both long term and short term. A responsible gamer/gambler will always keep his basic responsibility intact and not indulge in other associated evils like drinking alcohol or/and abusing yourself with banned psychotropic substance like drugs.

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